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To get the weekly plan and homework, kindly click the link below. My sincere apology if there arise a human error in spelling or anything else.

 Algebra 2 weekly Lesson Plans   wonderning is there possibility of earning Extra points??? Scroll down please to see how?

The most updated homework will be in my voicemail everyday after 5:00 p.m.

Call 928 634 7531 follow directions and use extension 2201. Wait until you hear my greetings " Hi Goodafternoon ,Thank you for calling...."

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To enroll in this class:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in by typing your existing user name and password.
  3. From your Home Page, click My Account.
  4. Click Add Class/Group
  5. Follow the instructions, and use the class access code above to enroll in this class or group


Algebra 2 Period 2Class access code: 75EA673C977029E610C8
Algebra 2 period 3Class access code: 75EA673C977029E610C8
Algebra 2 Period 5Class access code: DFCA2A6190D95396070A
Algebra 2 period 6Class access code: 755E54A0648919459B16


Extra points:

1. Some Tests will have challenging questions, if you complete the test and has time do those with 100% accurately with proper steps and justification to earn extra points.

simply trial and Error method will not be eligible, sorry

2. If you have improved from ONE test to the NEXT one (5%-10%)  consecutively, you are eligible to earn some extra points in the next TEST.It should be consecutive improvements from one to the nEXT test.

3. I am closely monitoring each students overall grade every THREE weeks, if you improve consecutively, will be eligible for extra points in the follwing third week or end of a quarter or end of the semester.

4. Once you participate actively in class , organize and keep it in the three ring binder, it is truly a BLESSING points counted as homework grade!

Another GOOD way to be on safe track!

If you have five or more zeros for homework, start  doing and completeing your homework from today. Every 5(you need to come and talk to me once this happens) consecutive homework completed, I will take off one old zero, which will help your overall grade to an improved one each time a zero is removed. Try and see yourself! Double benefit, once you improve overall every THREE weeks, more points will fall in your favor!!! Let us do it!!!